Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Holy Ghost
I need Him most
Lord of Hosts
In Him I boast

Nation against nation
Who will prevail?
But with my Jesus
I've conquered Hell

So the tribulations
Of this life
Do not worry me
I'm saved through Christ

Hallelujah for His Grace
Savior of the human race
Lucifer's plan will surely fail
He will descend into hell

I lay down my burdens
O, how I've carried this shame
But I am deemed victorious
Thanks to Jesus Name

This fire cannot
Be contained
I'm holding on
To Jesus Name

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


He knows my heart
He knows my name
He's the Spirit
That courses through my veins

He is my God
He is my King
He knows my heart
And my reason to be

On the cross
He showed His love
And it was more
Than enough

Though times were hard
Felt like giving up
He dwells within me
So I won't corrupt

He knows my heart
He knows my spirit
His Good News
We need to hear it

He knows my heart
He knows my mind
No other Savior
To save mankind