Saturday, July 30, 2016


I keep falling in
To the same mistakes
And every time I do
It's my heart that breaks

I feel like a failure
Like there's nothing I can do
I need you in my life, Lord
Jesus, I need you

You pick me up again
You say to me "What sin?"
This battle I will win
I'll be Born Again

Every time I feel like a failure
Jesus Christ is the answer
Sin comes over me like a cancer
But sin will be the failure

The wages of sin is death
And death won't do me in
The power of Christ in me
Washes away my sin

I will leave this world
Changed and renewed
I am not a failure
For Jesus is the Truth


I used to put these worldly things
Lord, in place of you
And with you, Lord
I wanted nothing to do

I despised you, Lord
Why was I lashing out for?
When even before
I was so adored

In my foolishness
I thought I could find happiness
In these worldly things
But rejection still stings

I put a girl
In place of you
She broke my heart
But you never do

I am sorry Lord,
For now I know your place
You came to give me love
You came to give me Grace

Thank you, Lord Jesus
It's your Mercy that frees us
I put you in your rightful place
And with you I shall win the race


There is so much rejection
You will experience in life
You can't seem to escape
These troubled times

You're running out of hope
Your dreams are fading
And you feel the heartbreak
There's no escaping

But though this life
Has so much rejection
There is someone
Who will never reject you

He died on a cross for you
He suffered the crucifixion
He gave you His Grace
At His resurrection

His love is unfailing
And it's unconditional
It never fades or rejects
Grace for every individual

This life will give you pain
And reject you time and time again
Jesus never will
And Jesus loves you, Amen!


Savior of the whole world
Maker of the galaxies
Spans across the universe
And He lives inside of me

Redeemer of all of us
In His Name I put my trust
I know He's coming back for us
I know He has love for us

Hallelujah for the cross
His Grace was more than enough
The power of Hell was lost
When on the cross, He showed His love

Redeemer of the whole world
Holds the world in His hands
Has undying love for us
He rose again from the dead

The cross was more than enough
He showed His undying love
And His love for us
Is written in the stars above

Maker, Redeemer,
King of Kings,
There's Grace, and Mercy,
Jesus, I sing

Friday, July 29, 2016


Out of the darkness
I see a beacon of Grace
All the cards
Are now in place

Out of the darkness
You shine your light
And I know that with you
Everything is alright

Out of the darkness
You shine your rays
I long for that day
To give you all praise

You shine your light
And the darkness flees
Lord, I worship you
I fall down to my knees

Out of the darkness
I see your rays of hope
And within your light
My love in you grows

You shine your light
You end the darkness
You free this prisoner
From his bondage

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Living Waters
A flowing stream
Hope is rising
Crashing over me

A storm is brewing
One of Grace
How I long to see
My Savior's face

Hope is rising
I am newly born
I was forgiven by Grace
When the veil was torn

I am reborn
As Hope is rising in me
With Jesus, I know
I can face the enemy

I'm a conqueror
Hope is rising in me
I'm no longer held
In captivity

Hope is rising
And sets prisoners free
As we bow our knee


Lord, we're a house
Of broken people
From every street corner
To every church steeple

Our attempts at perfection
They are always feeble
But the goodness of Grace
You've made us all equal

Lord, we're a house
Of broken people
Taking pleasure in things
That are truly evil

How can you love
This house of broken people?
But you do, Oh Lord
You love us, Lord, so simple

Lord, we're a house
Of broken people
But you fix our brokenness
And you love us as equals

This house of broken people
Will inherit your Kingdom
And you are the reason
This broken soul is singing


There are many things
I don't want to go through
I cling to your garment
Lord, I cling to you

Help me to see
Better days than this
Give my heart eternal joy
Surrounded by your bliss

There are many things
That I cannot help
I want to cling to you
I want to die to self

This life gives me trouble
And sometimes
I don't feel you near
And tears fall from my eyes

But in that very moment
I feel your mighty hand
It reaches down to me
And saves me once again

Though I have fallen
Though I have failed
You reach out your arms
As now I die to self

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


The burdens I carry
Are plenty and heavy
They consume me
And they condemn me

But thanks to Jesus
This burden He carried
Upon the cross
Heading to Calvary

This burdensome stone
He lifted it from me
Though I'm not worthy
He gives me His Glory

Raining down from Heaven
His unrelenting Mercy
He is coming back
And I am ready

The burdens I carry
Are no more
For I accepted Jesus
As my Lord of Lords

The burdens He carries
Upon His shoulders
I no longer worry
Because He is my Holder


Fan the flame
Watch it grow
There's a Savior
This I know

Our sins were crimson
Now white as snow
And in God
Our love will grow

Fan the flame
Watch it burn
In our lives
It overcomes

For His flame
A love so powerful
It can't be contained

Lord, please fill my cup
Let it overflow
I will fan your flame
And watch it grow!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I believe this is my purpose
To use my words to inspire
Only by the Holy Spirit
Can I preach this message

I'm a poet at heart
And I use this to His advantage
I hope whoever reads my poetry
That they feel the Spirit

I write because I love it
But I couldn't do this without God
Jesus Christ gave me this gift
And I will use it for His Glory

I pray to reach the lost
With my words, I want to reach them
Every sinner born here
Deserves to hear of this wonderful news

That though we are sinners
What Jesus did on the cross
Freed us from the death
That was promised to every sinner

I hope my message is clear enough
I am a poet and I feel it's my calling
I want to win souls over to Jesus
Because He's the best thing in my life!


Dear sin
I see you creeping in on me again
And you get under my skin
Because I'm born again

Dear sin
I won't let you do me in
I know one day that this will end
You are no longer my friend

Though I bury my head in shame
There's a power beyond the grave
The wages of sin is death
Yet I know I'm still born again

Sin's condemnation
It couldn't do me in
And in the end
I know I win

Washed by the blood
Of Almighty Victory
And you, dear sin
Are finally history

Dear sin
Your time is at an end
For now I have Jesus
As my one true friend


Lord, you carried the cross
Up Calvary Hill
My soul was lost
Until they had you killed

You knew you had to die
For sinners like me
How you loved us, Lord
You love the least of these

You don't only carry yours
You carry my cross as well
You overcame death
And snatched the keys to hell

Carry my cross, carry my cross
Up the road to Calvary
Thank you, Lord, Thank you, Lord
For doing this to save me

Carry my cross, carry my cross
Save the least of these
And only by your blood
It's your love that sets us free

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
I was blind but now I see
You were persecuted and killed
As you carried my cross to Calvary


Call on Jesus Christ
And you will be saved by Grace
Your Savior will save


I don't have to be afraid
That's not the reason I was made
I was created with a purpose
I was made to worship

A higher power than myself
The same is why I die to self
I don't let my sin overcome
Thy will be done, thy will be done

Greater is my purpose, Lord
Your arms are always open, Lord
I arm myself with your Word
I slay dragons with that sword

I don't have to be afraid
I have better things in store
I know that He's coming back for me
My only comfort is in the Lord

So I am not afraid
That's not why I was made
He created me with purpose and desire
My God, My God, He's not a liar

Monday, July 25, 2016


Are you still bound
By your guilt?
Are you still bound
By your shame?

There's a power
That dwells in you
That same power
Caused the dead to raise

The worries in this life
Are just the blink of an eye
Grace is forevermore
And Grace wins every time

Son, you are no longer bound
Daughter, you are no longer bound
The minute you called on Christ
Was when you became safe and sound

Are you still bound
By the burdens of this life?
Give it all to Jesus
And He will end your strife

Give it all to Jesus
And He will change your life
We will have the Father
Forever by our side


There is a power
That conquered my sin
On a rugged cross
He died for all men

Though I feel guilt
And I am so ashamed
I know it's that same power
Within me that saves

So I will cling to the cross
No longer feel sin's condemnation
I'm no longer the same person
No longer the same victim

Now I tell my story
One of great victory
He changed my history
He is all glory

So I will cling to the cross
And I will walk by faith
In the light of God
Because Jesus, He still saves


Reign down from the Heavens
Your power and glory
I have a Savior
Righteous and Holy

Reign down now
Your glory and honor
And I am proud
To call you my Father

Reign down from the Heavens
Your Kingdom come
Jesus is standing
Let His will be done

A mighty King
Of glory and honor
And I am proud
To call Him my brother

Reign down from the Heavens
His goodness and light
Though I lived in the dark
He takes away the night

Sunday, July 24, 2016


In the arms of your mercy
Such a warm embrace
I can't wait to see my Savior
Meet Him face to face

Will I shout for joy
Or will I stand in awe
Will I kiss His feet
Or will I drop my jaw

I thank you, Lord Jesus
For all you've done for me
You saved the whole world
As they nailed your hands and feet

You died so I could live
Thanks for this gift you give
Even though I've fallen short
I'm the sinner that you died for

No greater love than this
I used to throw stones at Him
Now I'm in His warm embrace
Another sinner saved by Grace


The hand that guides me home
Is the hand of you alone
You make me feel so warm
My refuge from the storm

I need you in my every hour
The enemy tries to overpower
But you will crush that serpent's head
To your Kingdom I'm being led

You never leave me astray
With you I can conquer the day
A greater purpose is why I was made
You take away my guilt and shame

I fail you on the daily
And ask why you ever made me
If I can't do this on my own
But I cannot do this alone

In my darkest hour, I feel your hand
I feel you guiding me again
I feel you with every step
You conquered Hell and death


There is a Mighty King
This I know
He reigns from the Heavens
Upon streets of gold

He turned my scarlet sins
White as snow
There is a Savior
This I know

Jesus loves me
This I know
With me He is never finished
For He tells me so

There is a God
This I know well
With His perfect sacrifice
He took the keys of death and Hell

There is a Maker
This I know
He is returning soon
So be ready to go


In your Name, I find rest
In your Name, I find forgiveness
The Perfect Lamb was slain for me
And to save the least of these

The fires of Hell could not repel
The storms of my Father
They come crashing over me
Reign over me your Glory and Honor

From my life, the devil flees
For God will bring him to his knees
There's no power in Hell
And Lucifer knows it well

In your Name, I find rest
Wrap me in your Righteousness
Hallelujah, the cross was enough
My sins cannot keep up

In your Name, there is love
You put smiles upon the cumbersome
I walk hand in hand with the Son
So let our Father’s Will be done


Where I'll be
On the Day of Judgment
I'll be beside my Father
I'm in His New Covenant

I know the doors to paradise
Are open for me
You gave sight to this blind man
Thank God that I can see

The world is going crazy
But I find comfort in your arms
You pick me up when I fall
No matter how hard or far

I take this communion
I forever honor you
Just like yours for me
My love for you is true

I know I have stumbled
But you pick me up again
You are the King of Glory
And sin can never win


Look at the sparrow
To get a glimpse
Of how our God loves us
I feel the Savior's kiss

Even the sparrow
He takes care of it
How much more
Does He love His kids?

He takes care
Of the least of these
I've come to a saving knowledge
From my chains, He frees me

Even the sparrow
How much more does He love you?
I have felt Him with me
His love forever true

Even the sparrow
Knows He has a King
The Mighty Son of God
The Precious Prince of Peace


There's a Higher Power
And His love showers
It showers over me
It helps blind eyes to see

There's a Higher Power
He's in my every hour
I bow down to Him
I bow down to Him

Even though I sin
He picks me up again
That slippery serpent
Can never do me in

For I have a Higher Power
That shows me favor
In my every hour
I am with my Savior

There's a Higher Power
He wraps His arms around me
In my darkest hours
His love sets me free


There's a love I know
A love that conquers all
So when the devil tempts me
I know that I won't fall

For the Lord will catch me
His name frees me from my chains
No longer condemned by sin
He took away my sadness and pain

I long for the day
That I'll see Him face-to-face
If I could see paradise right now
I long for a taste

Satan tries to tempt me
He prolongs my pain
I stand before the Son
Death, where is your sting?

I worship a God
That loves me so
Hallelujah for Christ Jesus
The greatest love I know


Arise, dear beloved
Your time has come
I saw you there
So cumbersome

But my beloved
It's time for you to stand
I died on the cross
To give you a second chance

It was because I love you
That I was put to death
But have comfort in these words
Death couldn't do me in

I conquered the grave for you
So that sin would be erased
From your life, your guilt and shame
I came to give you Grace

Now Beloved, I tell you to arise
You will one day see me in the skies
The sky will crack, the dead will rise
I'll take you to where love never dies


It's not about me
And the more that I believe
The more that I see
The more that I am free

Hallelujah for the cross
It erased my sins
I was broken beyond repair
Till Jesus walked in

It's not about me, Lord
It's all about you
The more that I believe
The more I see you're true

Hallelujah for your scars
You were beaten and maimed
So that I would have a chance
You conquered the grave

Hallelujah for your Grace
I will forever believe
Many don't believe in you
But I'm already bowing my knee


O Father who art thou in Heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Nails in your hands and feet
To pay the price for my sin and shame

Who would have done it?
Who could have done it but you?
You lived a sinless life
And with me you're never through

I give in to your mercy
Raining down from the sky
For a selfish sinner like me
You took up the cross and died

But you rose again
Now I sing your praises
I await that day
That you open up the heavens

The sky will crack
As you call your children
And I long for the day
That I'm called your beloved