Thursday, August 18, 2016


From Genesis to Revelation
You are the Light of the nations
How many times have we forgot
That on the cross our sins were bought?

O my God, you are
The Light of the world
From every tribe and nation
To every boy and girl

You are the Salt
You are the Light
And passion within
It ignites

All glory to Christ
The Chosen King of Bethlehem
Who knew that it was He
That He is the Great I Am?

Lion of Judah, Prince of Peace
He calms the raging seas
And He saves the least of these
From these chains He frees

He is the Light of the world
He is what my soul longs for
A perfect world with Him at the helm
In Holy Place I long to dwell

Thursday, August 4, 2016


O my God
You are my Savior
And my King
And I know
That on the cross
That you bled
And died for me
I will wait
For your return
No longer will I
Grieve or mourn
You take away
My suffering
O Lord Jesus
You're my King
Will not succeed
Against my Lord
The Nazarene
Will always fail
My God conquered
Death and Hell
By His Grace
The veil was torn
With gold crowns
We are adorned
Puts an end
To suffering
O Lord Jesus
Be our King
O Jesus
You're my King
You are the
One for me
You became
A curse for me
When you died
Upon the tree
Came to us
Upon the cross
We put our trust
We know that
You're coming back
And your Grace
Will never lack


And When there
Was no hope
Jesus Christ
Came to me
He had broke
Every chains
And He Set
This sinner free
He told me that
I am more
Than at first
What I believed
He gave me
A free gift
When on a cross
He died for me
He had died
On a tree
All for you
And all for me
To set all
Sinners free
He had Saved
He gives to us
True hope
And He will
Soon return
To defeat
In the lake
He will burn
Lord I am
A true failure
But it's me
You purify
And I know that
When you return
I will be
Your loving Bride
Thank you Lord
Jesus Christ
For setting this
Captive free
You Did it
All for thee
On a rugged
Cursed tree


I'm in love
With my maker
I'm in love
With my God
I'm in love
With my Savior
O the Lord my God
I travel down
A stormy road
As I praise my God
I know one day
The storm will clear
And evil will be gone
I travel down a narrow road
To the Lord my King
I look at Him upon the Throne
And for Him I sing
I travel down
This rocky path
And the devil won't prevail
My Lord my God
Will protect me
From the gates of Hell
In His name
Is the Power
In His name
I bow down
Jesus is
My Lord and Savior
He will cast my crown
I travel down
This narrow road
To embrace my king
To me my Lord Jesus
Is my everything
This path is dark at first
But ahead I see the light
I see my Jesus smiling
Saying everything's alright


I believe
In the power of God
I believe
He's coming soon
I believe
He is the Almighty
I believe
He's pure and true
I believe
In the coming storm
I believe
I'll be reborn
I believe
He will redeem
I believe
He loves me
Thank you God
For Salvation
Thank you Lord
Of all Nations
Thank you God
For blessing me
Thank you Lord
For Calvary
I know that our time is soon
We patiently wait for you
A God both Holy and Righteous
Your love is both pure and true
You are Ruler of all nations
Your love is deep as oceans
Your love is like tidal waves
Evil destroyed and saints saved
I am blessed in my walk
In this storm you are the calm
You will be here when it clears
We've nothing at all to fear
With you Lord I persevere
You will wipe away my tears
Shed so many through the years
I now hold you near and dear
There is a strong storm coming
Satan will be defeated
It will be a blessed day
I can already see it

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I wake up in the morning
I see myself in the mirror
Sometimes I wish
There was a different picture
Disgusted with myself at times
Why would you be so kind
To a sinner like me
That you'd give up your life
And die on a tree
For someone like me
Who isn't worthy
My sins, my sins
They leave me dirty
With myself
I am disgusted
When I am alone
I can't be trusted
I fall down in sin
When will this end?
I know that I am saved
But why, but why?
It was because of my sins
You were nailed to a cross to die
I love you, Lord
For taking my rightful place
But when I look in the mirror
I see a sick disgrace
But thank you, Lord
For giving me Grace
In this life
I will walk by faith
I won't give in
To the devil's taunts
Because of you, I'm worthy
Even when my soul is hurting
Because of you
I have faith
Thank you, Lord
For your Grace
Thank you, Lord
For your Grace


This ode goes out
To the Jew and to the Greek
For none of us are different
And asylum we seek
We long for paradise
Every one of us
We cry out
To our Lord Jesus
To know He is our God
To know He is our King
I forever rejoice
And I rejoice merrily
There's a song in my heart
Its flame never dies
For in my heart and soul
The Spirit continues to rise
That still small voice
Resides in my heart
I feel true love
It keeps me from falling apart
The love never fades
The love never dies
Even in my darkest hour
He continues to rise
Holy Spirit
Within me
I was bound
But now I'm free
Because of you
Holy Spirit
A thunderous voice
I can hear it
I praise you now
In song and lyric
I praise you now
In song and lyric

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


I came into this world
I thought I stood alone
For I felt so alone
In the dead zone
I was so sore
I was so afraid
How can I live this way
Every hour of every day?
A tear rolled down my cheek
So frozen, couldn't speak
Then I heard a voice audibly
Saying "I've come to bring you peace!"
I came into this world
I never stood alone
Now I know my King
Is always on the throne
I'll join Him in paradise
Where love never dies
He takes away the pain
And wipes the tears from my eyes
I can proudly say
That I don't stand alone
For I have a mighty Savior
So fierce and strong
He is capable
More than I could believe
This mighty Warrior
Died in place of me
The same man who died on a cross
Was once the precious baby Jesus
And from the heavy chains of sin
He came to release us
He came to give us hope
He came to give us Grace
And still to this day
Jesus saves
And still to this day
Jesus saves


There's a mighty King
Exalted above all nations
With His all-consuming power
There are no hiding places
He is Lord over all
And because of Him
I won't fall
Cities and nations
Will come and go
But my God
Will always be in control
He will never disappear
He will never fade
He is in control
Every hour of every day
Can you hold the universe
Within your hand?
God has molded you
From the sand
He created us
He created kings
He is why I sing
So joyfully
I know He's in control
He's in my heart and soul
To be with Him
Is my goal
I take His free gift
And I feel whole
My God, my God
My wonderful King
My God, my God
Is so amazing
With Him, I know
I can conquer the day
I'm in awe
I'm so amazed
I'm in awe
I'm so amazed


With His love
I can face tomorrow
With His love
I no longer feel sorrow
With His love
I am free
With His love
He died for me
To save sinners
Like you and me
To save sinners
He died on the tree
With His love
I hear the angels
With His love
I am capable
Of all things
Hard or easy
I praise the Lord
Because He pleases me
With His love
I have joy unspeakable
With His love
Our bond is unbreakable
With His love
I am blessed
What He did on the cross
Was the greatest romance
To save the church
To save His bride
He got on the cross
And on the cross, He died
With His love
He died on a tree
With His love
For you and me
With His love
For you and me

Monday, August 1, 2016


You are the Rock
Which I stand upon
You're a mighty King
You are my God
I will dwell
Where angels trod
I was once afraid
I was once so lost
Then Jesus entered
A dream come true
He helped me escape
This life of solitude
I bow down to my God
I bow down to my King
And the devil
Will feel His mighty sting
I await that day
The wedding feast
The Groom will take His bride
Grace upon golden streets
Hallelujah for His Grace
It can never be replaced
Or diminished
For the work on the cross
It's forever finished
It's like we've won
The lottery
Jesus forever
Loving me
For His Grace
I long to see
My Savior's face
A love so pure
He saved the human race
A love so pure
He saved the human race


I pour out my spirit
I praise you in song and lyric
My verses, they are for you
For you're the God of truth
I pour out my heart
I praise you in my art
You took this lost soul
Out of the dark
Brought it into light
It was your sacrifice
That gave me a chance
The world's greatest romance
What you did
On the tree
I know for a fact
That it saved me
I couldn't do it on my own
I know the one on the throne
His Kingdom come
His will be done
Hallelujah for our King
He is why I'm rejoicing
With my voice
I rejoice
For the King
That filled the void
So I would be saved
My neighbor as well
He saved my soul
From the fires of hell
So I will rejoice
And let out a joyous noise
He's my King
And He's my God
He's my King
And He's my God


It poured over me
This cup of sorrow
It overflows with voices
Saying there's no tomorrow

It left me here
In sadness and despair
And I feared
That God isn't there

Depression kicked in
I couldn't make it on my own
Took full control

But there is a Savior
That says I have a purpose
The doors to my depression
I'm now ready to close them

There's a new chapter
And Jesus is the star
He wasn't out of reach
Though He felt so far

I reached out my arms
And felt Jesus' embrace
With His love for me
I can conquer today


Raining down is His Mercy
Raining down in great power
With His Grace and Glory
I am forever showered

I revel at His Beauty
His Grace is enough
His Grace is sufficient
His Grace I trust

I fall down to my knees
I will worship thee
For you are my Savior, Indeed
You're my King of Kings

Let's conquer the world together
With great Glory and power
Because of the cross
I am empowered

Such a perfect Lamb
Laid down his life for mine
And His love and Grace
Will forever shine

Worthy is this Lamb
That died for me
That died for my neighbor
And for the least of these