Tuesday, August 2, 2016


There's a mighty King
Exalted above all nations
With His all-consuming power
There are no hiding places
He is Lord over all
And because of Him
I won't fall
Cities and nations
Will come and go
But my God
Will always be in control
He will never disappear
He will never fade
He is in control
Every hour of every day
Can you hold the universe
Within your hand?
God has molded you
From the sand
He created us
He created kings
He is why I sing
So joyfully
I know He's in control
He's in my heart and soul
To be with Him
Is my goal
I take His free gift
And I feel whole
My God, my God
My wonderful King
My God, my God
Is so amazing
With Him, I know
I can conquer the day
I'm in awe
I'm so amazed
I'm in awe
I'm so amazed

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