Thursday, August 4, 2016


And When there
Was no hope
Jesus Christ
Came to me
He had broke
Every chains
And He Set
This sinner free
He told me that
I am more
Than at first
What I believed
He gave me
A free gift
When on a cross
He died for me
He had died
On a tree
All for you
And all for me
To set all
Sinners free
He had Saved
He gives to us
True hope
And He will
Soon return
To defeat
In the lake
He will burn
Lord I am
A true failure
But it's me
You purify
And I know that
When you return
I will be
Your loving Bride
Thank you Lord
Jesus Christ
For setting this
Captive free
You Did it
All for thee
On a rugged
Cursed tree

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