Thursday, August 4, 2016


I'm in love
With my maker
I'm in love
With my God
I'm in love
With my Savior
O the Lord my God
I travel down
A stormy road
As I praise my God
I know one day
The storm will clear
And evil will be gone
I travel down a narrow road
To the Lord my King
I look at Him upon the Throne
And for Him I sing
I travel down
This rocky path
And the devil won't prevail
My Lord my God
Will protect me
From the gates of Hell
In His name
Is the Power
In His name
I bow down
Jesus is
My Lord and Savior
He will cast my crown
I travel down
This narrow road
To embrace my king
To me my Lord Jesus
Is my everything
This path is dark at first
But ahead I see the light
I see my Jesus smiling
Saying everything's alright

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