Wednesday, August 3, 2016


This ode goes out
To the Jew and to the Greek
For none of us are different
And asylum we seek
We long for paradise
Every one of us
We cry out
To our Lord Jesus
To know He is our God
To know He is our King
I forever rejoice
And I rejoice merrily
There's a song in my heart
Its flame never dies
For in my heart and soul
The Spirit continues to rise
That still small voice
Resides in my heart
I feel true love
It keeps me from falling apart
The love never fades
The love never dies
Even in my darkest hour
He continues to rise
Holy Spirit
Within me
I was bound
But now I'm free
Because of you
Holy Spirit
A thunderous voice
I can hear it
I praise you now
In song and lyric
I praise you now
In song and lyric

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