Thursday, August 4, 2016


O my God
You are my Savior
And my King
And I know
That on the cross
That you bled
And died for me
I will wait
For your return
No longer will I
Grieve or mourn
You take away
My suffering
O Lord Jesus
You're my King
Will not succeed
Against my Lord
The Nazarene
Will always fail
My God conquered
Death and Hell
By His Grace
The veil was torn
With gold crowns
We are adorned
Puts an end
To suffering
O Lord Jesus
Be our King
O Jesus
You're my King
You are the
One for me
You became
A curse for me
When you died
Upon the tree
Came to us
Upon the cross
We put our trust
We know that
You're coming back
And your Grace
Will never lack

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