Thursday, August 4, 2016


I believe
In the power of God
I believe
He's coming soon
I believe
He is the Almighty
I believe
He's pure and true
I believe
In the coming storm
I believe
I'll be reborn
I believe
He will redeem
I believe
He loves me
Thank you God
For Salvation
Thank you Lord
Of all Nations
Thank you God
For blessing me
Thank you Lord
For Calvary
I know that our time is soon
We patiently wait for you
A God both Holy and Righteous
Your love is both pure and true
You are Ruler of all nations
Your love is deep as oceans
Your love is like tidal waves
Evil destroyed and saints saved
I am blessed in my walk
In this storm you are the calm
You will be here when it clears
We've nothing at all to fear
With you Lord I persevere
You will wipe away my tears
Shed so many through the years
I now hold you near and dear
There is a strong storm coming
Satan will be defeated
It will be a blessed day
I can already see it

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