Monday, August 1, 2016


I pour out my spirit
I praise you in song and lyric
My verses, they are for you
For you're the God of truth
I pour out my heart
I praise you in my art
You took this lost soul
Out of the dark
Brought it into light
It was your sacrifice
That gave me a chance
The world's greatest romance
What you did
On the tree
I know for a fact
That it saved me
I couldn't do it on my own
I know the one on the throne
His Kingdom come
His will be done
Hallelujah for our King
He is why I'm rejoicing
With my voice
I rejoice
For the King
That filled the void
So I would be saved
My neighbor as well
He saved my soul
From the fires of hell
So I will rejoice
And let out a joyous noise
He's my King
And He's my God
He's my King
And He's my God

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