Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I wake up in the morning
I see myself in the mirror
Sometimes I wish
There was a different picture
Disgusted with myself at times
Why would you be so kind
To a sinner like me
That you'd give up your life
And die on a tree
For someone like me
Who isn't worthy
My sins, my sins
They leave me dirty
With myself
I am disgusted
When I am alone
I can't be trusted
I fall down in sin
When will this end?
I know that I am saved
But why, but why?
It was because of my sins
You were nailed to a cross to die
I love you, Lord
For taking my rightful place
But when I look in the mirror
I see a sick disgrace
But thank you, Lord
For giving me Grace
In this life
I will walk by faith
I won't give in
To the devil's taunts
Because of you, I'm worthy
Even when my soul is hurting
Because of you
I have faith
Thank you, Lord
For your Grace
Thank you, Lord
For your Grace

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