Monday, August 1, 2016


You are the Rock
Which I stand upon
You're a mighty King
You are my God
I will dwell
Where angels trod
I was once afraid
I was once so lost
Then Jesus entered
A dream come true
He helped me escape
This life of solitude
I bow down to my God
I bow down to my King
And the devil
Will feel His mighty sting
I await that day
The wedding feast
The Groom will take His bride
Grace upon golden streets
Hallelujah for His Grace
It can never be replaced
Or diminished
For the work on the cross
It's forever finished
It's like we've won
The lottery
Jesus forever
Loving me
For His Grace
I long to see
My Savior's face
A love so pure
He saved the human race
A love so pure
He saved the human race

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