Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I believe this is my purpose
To use my words to inspire
Only by the Holy Spirit
Can I preach this message

I'm a poet at heart
And I use this to His advantage
I hope whoever reads my poetry
That they feel the Spirit

I write because I love it
But I couldn't do this without God
Jesus Christ gave me this gift
And I will use it for His Glory

I pray to reach the lost
With my words, I want to reach them
Every sinner born here
Deserves to hear of this wonderful news

That though we are sinners
What Jesus did on the cross
Freed us from the death
That was promised to every sinner

I hope my message is clear enough
I am a poet and I feel it's my calling
I want to win souls over to Jesus
Because He's the best thing in my life!

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